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Mountains, sea, and tasty wine

"Better than mountains can be only mountains" 

- Vladimir Vysotsky


Today Sochi is an all-season resort of an international level; 705 classified accommodation facilities operate on its territory, including: 66 sanatoriums, 20 boarding houses and recreation centers, 1 balneotherapy center and 618 hotels (including 42 new hotels managed by 12 leading global hotel chains, including Swissotel , Rezidor, Hyatt, Accor, Marriott, Rixos, etc.). 183 beach areas were opened, more than 100 tourist sites operate, about 70 excursion companies work

A city in Russia, located on the northeast coast of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, at a distance of 1620 km from Moscow. The administrative center of the municipality is the resort city of Sochi.

The Olympic Winter Games were held in Sochi from February 7 to 23, 2014. In October 2010, an agreement was signed on holding the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi in 2014. The first F1 race was held in early October 2014, while the contract was signed until 2020. In 2014, Sochi created a professional hockey team - “HC Sochi”, playing in the Continental Hockey League. In 2014, Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi launched an extreme aerial adventure park in Adler District. 2018 FIFA World Cup in Sochi

The coastal part of Sochi, like the entire stretch of the Russian Black Sea coast, is located in the zone of humid subtropics. The climate of Sochi is significantly affected by the sea (it is cooler in summer, it warms in winter) and mountains (protect from cold northerly winds). The climate is very humid (especially along the coast). Maximum precipitation occurs in the winter season - mainly in the form of rain, less often snow. Since Sochi is located on the northern border of the subtropics, in winter frosts and snowfalls are occasionally possible here, but on the coast of the city limits they are extremely rare. Winter is warm, summer is hot and humid. Due to the proximity of the sea, high summer temperatures are slightly adjusted downward and are favorable for nature and man.

Sochi Park, 33 waterfalls, Sochi Aquarium, Sochi Arboretum, Akhun, Vorontsov Cave, Matsesta, Loo Temple, Agur Waterfalls, Sochi Golden Fleece, Temple of the Miraculous Image of Christ the Savior, Monument to Peter I, Monument to Yuri Gagarin and much more.


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Day 1. Arrival to the Sochi Airport. Meeting with the English-speaking guide. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in, free time. Dinner (if required) 

Day 2.  Meeting with the English-speaking guide 

Sightseeing tour «Sochi is the Host City of Olympic winter Games»: 

  • the world-famous settlement of Krasnaya Polyana lies only 50 km from the seashore, up in the Caucasus mountains, in the valley of the magnificent Mzymta river, and it welcomes its visitors on an astounding journey along the highway that crosses the breathtaking canyons and gorges. Mountain resorts of Krasnaya Polyana: Gorki Gorod, Rosa Khutor, Gazprom Laura; Cable Way trip
 Lunch (extra paid)

 Transfer to the Imeretinskiy district

  •  riding golf cars around the Olympic park, 
  •  ice-skating arena «Iceberg». 
  •  visiting the most modern motorsport venue in Europe that every year hosts an FIA Formula One World Championship round. Feel the atmosphere of the Formula 1 races at the Sochi Autodrom 
Diner (extra paid). Back to the hotel

Day 3. Meeting with the English-speaking guide. Sightseeing tour «Sochi is a famous Russian resort»: the historic centre: the Sea Port, Primorsky Boulevard, the health resorts resembling magnificent palaces, the Winter Theatre, the observation tower on Big Akhun Mount. A picturesque panorama of the city from a bird's-eye view

  •  Lunch (extra paid)
  •  Free time with English-speaking guide
  • Diner (extra paid)

 Back to the hotel

Day 4. Transfer to the airport with English-speaking guide. Departure from Sochi 


The healing qualities of Sochi sea air are due to both its purity (almost complete absence of dust) and the high content of iodine and other chemical compounds useful for the body

travel notes #1

Tours to Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor - Sochi - peaks of the mountains

Rosa Khutor is a year-round mountain resort in Krasnaya Polyana that meets the highest standards of service and safety. Today, Rosa Khutor is the only resort in the country that provides the opportunity for practicing both winter and summer mountain sports


Rosa Khutor - a comprehensive Olympic facility, including

  • The Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Center. It was commissioned at the end of 2010. In February 2011, the first test competitions were held at the Alpine Ski Center - the Alpine Skiing European Cup, and in February 2012 - the Alpine Skiing World Cup (for the first time in the history of Russian sports)
  • The Rosa Khutor SLC in Krasnaya Polyana includes 9 km of pistes for skiing competitions certified by FIS, and a single finish area

  • Extreme park "Rosa Khutor". The snowboard park and freestyle center were commissioned at the end of 2011. In February 2012, Rosa Khutor Extreme Park hosted the first official competitions, and in February 2013, the stages of the World Cup in snowboarding and freestyle

  • Extreme Park "Rosa Khutor" is located west of Rosa Plateau at an altitude of 1100-1200 m above sea level 

  • Mountain Olympic Village. It was commissioned in the fall of 2013, designed for 2,600 seats, 1,100 m above sea level

The total length of the routes of various difficulty levels is 102 km, the elevation difference on the routes is 1,534 meters. The modern system of artificial snowmaking of the tracks ensures the duration of the ski season up to 140 days a year, depending on the height of the tracks. On the tracks of the resort, it is possible to train and ski skiers and snowboarders of various skill levels.

At the lower elevations of the resort, where the cable cars start, are located

  1. equipment rental points (skiing and snowboarding, bicycles, segways, etc.)
  2. left-luggage offices
  3.  instructor service
  4.  multi-storey car parks;
  5. catering facilities: at the lower base of McDonalds, numerous restaurants
  6. artificial ice rink
  7.  various shops
  8. open swimming pond and equipped beach area Rosa Beach (in summer)
  9.  playgrounds

Rosa Khutor - Sochi - a tourist city

At 1170 m are located

Hotels of various levels of categorization (during the Olympics - Mountain Olympic Village), in which representatives of the countries participating in alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle competitions lived 

  1. during the Olympics
  2.  catering enterprises
  3.  rental points
  4. instructor services
  5. training slopes
  6. parking lots

At the upper elevations of the resort (from 1170 m and above) are located

  1. slopes of varying difficulty for skiing and snowboarding; numerous ski lifts and snowmaking system
  2. catering points, including the restaurant "Height 2320" at the top station of the Caucasian Express cableway
  3. hiking trails of varying difficulty
  4. rope amusement park and trolls
  5. avalanche and rescue services
  6. gazex avalanche system

travel notes #2

your best vacation


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Sochi is the subtropics in Russia

The best sanatorium complex equipped with the most modern medical base.  This resort has been especially popular with its versatility, it is at the same time:



     mud bath

     drinking (underground water)

     mountain climatic

Beach holidays in Sochi

There is a wide selection of beach activities: catamaran rides, water ski trips, paragliding over the sea and much more.

The pride of Sochi is the beaches: sandy or of fine-grained pebbles, always clean and well-maintained. Beach holidays in Sochi are equally attractive for youth companies, families with children or the elderly. Most beaches are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant pastime: dressing rooms, sanitary areas, medical posts. Vacationers are invited to rent a variety of beach equipment. Nearby there are definitely cafes and restaurants where you can quickly and tasty snack.

Extreme vacation

The most famous is Krasnaya Polyana - an international-level ski resort located near the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The proximity of the airport, the proximity to the Black Sea coast, comfortable hotels, developed infrastructure and modern ski resorts of international class annually attract outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world to Krasnaya Polyana. Here, snowboarders, freeriders, lovers of heli-skiing and extreme skiing, including evening skiing, feel great. Nearby is the high-rise extreme amusement park SkyPark.
    The natural conditions of the Sochi region are unique

The most northern subtropics in the world, adjacent to the eternal ice. That is why in Sochi you can have a great rest not only in the summer, but also in the winter

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